Safe And Legal Online Poker In The United States

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Poker has long been associated as one of the most fun and most-played card games in the world. But over the last decade or so, that has grown exponentially because of online poker, where players can sign up and play at websites without having to visit a casino. Online poker continues to thrive, both in the United States and other countries. And while there are definitely some important legal issues to address as well as the question 'Is Online Poker Safe?' when discussing the subject, it's important to know that there are several ways to play online poker legally and more importantly, in a safe environment.

Facts About Playing Legal Online Poker In The U.S.A.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the UIGEA did not make it illegal to play online poker.
  • There is still several legal online poker rooms available to U.S. players.
  • On black Friday, the government did not arrest one person for playing online poker.
  • An estimated 2 million U.S. residents played online poker for real money in 2012.

Is It Safe To Play Poker Online In The U.S.?

It's been established that playing online poker in the U.S. is legal, but some still might question the safety and legitimacy of it. We're here to tell you that online poker is plenty safe. Throughout this page as well as the rest of the pages on site you will learn about plenty of great Internet poker options that will back this notion up. There are several important categories and aspects of a poker website that users should learn more about. These are addressed and put into place with practical examples from actual sites that receive very high industry ratings.

Legal Online Poker Sites That Accept USA Players

There are a variety of legal online poker rooms that accepts USA players across the world. Although none are hosted in the USA, some of our top-rated poker sites are actually not far from the U.S. at all. In fact, there are many in operation in Costa Rica, Canada, and Panama. These are deliberately located there because of USA players and the laws that go with playing legal online poker in the United States. They are close in proximity, and choose to focus on U.S. players and their needs. All of the poker room reviews you find on our website are 100% licensed and regulated companies in their residing country. Below are short reviews of all the best online poker sites that are legal for U.S. players.

- Best legal online poker room for U.S. Players

Bovada Poker Room - Poker Bonuses Up To $1,000 For New Poker Players

Bovada poker has been around for more than a decade, operating out of Costa Rica. They are renowned for their sportsbook, but also have an extensive and high quality poker section. To play online poker at Bovada, players must be at least 18 years old. But if you live in the U.S., you must also meet the legal age required to gamble in your state. A Bovada poker bonus of up to $1,000 on a first deposit is available to players as well. Bovada offers all of the poker games you would come to expect, including Texas Hold Em', Omaha, Stud, High-Low, and more. Making a deposit into Bovada is easy, with USA players able to use a credit card, Western Union or even with MoneyGram. When it comes to a payout, a check in the mail is offered, as are wire + bank transfers.

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- 25% Poker Bonus For All New U.S. Players That Sign Up

BetOnline Poker Room - 25% Poker Bonuses For US Players Up To $900

BetOnline is a jack-of-all-trades betting sites, featuring a sportsbook, a racebook, and a fantastic online poker site. BetOnline is based in Panama, and features some great poker options for players. to play at BetOnline, players will need to be 18 years or older. However, U.S. residents must abide by their state gambling age as well, which actually supersedes the BetOnline age should it be higher. BetOnline offers one of the great bonuses you will find, with a 25 percent match up to $900 on every deposit made into the poker room. How can a player deposit? For USA players, deposit using any Visa or American Express card, as well as a money order or a wire transfer. Other methods include a cashier's check, Moneybookers, and NETeller. Withdrawal and receive a payout through check or wire transfer for USA players.

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YES Bovada Poker - Play Now 100% / $1,000 Bovada Poker Review
YES BetOnline Poker - Play Now 25% / $900 BetOnline Poker Review
YES 5Dimes Poker - Play Now 50% / $200 5Dimes Poker Review
YES - Play Now 25% / $900 Sportsbetting Poker Review
NO Bet365 Poker - Play Now 200% / $1,000 Bet365 Poker Review

Is Online Poker Legal?Is Online Poker Legal for U.S. Players?

Yes, online poker is legal for U.S. players and the truth is that it always has been. There are no laws in place regarding online poker that make it illegal. It may not be regulated in any way, but it also is not illegal because the laws that are out there are old and were made before the internet. There are plenty of legal ways for players in the United states to signup and play at a online poker sites that are legal. The part of online poker that is not legal is owning a poker room, not playing at one. Although this sounds completely stupid, this is what the laws say and this is why the government has never arrested anyone for playing online poker.

What Makes Online Poker Legal In The U.S.?

What makes online poker legal is that players from the U.S. can play at online poker sites that are located outside of the United States. The laws in place specifically mention the fact that players are not subject to the consequences of the law, but rather the people that own and operate the poker oom. As such, players are legally able to signup and play at these sites without having to go to jail or getting arrested. One of the laws in place, the Federal Wire Act, was ruled on in 2011 that is only pertains to sports, with poker and other forms of online gambling not under the umbrella of that legislation. The Wire Act prohibits businesses from using any form of wire communication to process a bet or wager. This means that every person that live in the USA can play legal onliner poker without having to worry about a thing.

Why Do People Think Online Poker Is Illegal?

It is completely understandable if you are one of those that wonde if online poker is legal in the US. The laws regarding poker in the United States are old and they do not pertain to the online part of the business. As we have briefly mentioned before, the operation of an online poker site is illegal in the United States, not the actual act of playing online poker. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is the cornerstone of this. It was responsible for some of the biggest U.S. poker sites in the country being seized and shut down. The UIGEA makes it illegal for businesses to knowingly accept and make transactions for bets and wagers on the Internet, meaning that the people at risk are the owners of the poker rooms.

How Do I Make Deposits Into Legal U.S. Online Poker Rooms?

U.S. players are more then welcome to make a deposit into an online poker room, but finding the right method can be a little tricky. Nowadays, the best way to make a deposit is using a credit card such as Visa or Mastercard. All of the popular poker rooms have great success rates with these credit cards and they all accept credit card deposits from USA players. Players can also use bank wires, Western Union, FedEx, and more.

Is Online Poker Legal?How Do I Make Withdrawals From Legal Poker Rooms If I Live In The USA?

Receiving a payout from an online poker site is easy, even if you live in the United States. You simply submit a request that you have the intent to withdraw, and the method in which you want to do so among the offered options on site. Like deposit options, the methods available to make withdrawals can also vary. The fastest and most popular ways for U.S. players to withdrawal from online poker rooms is bank wires and checks by courier. These online poker payout methods are very fast and allow players to get their money in days.

State Poker Laws

The funny part about all of this is that there are a lot of laws enacted at the state level when it comes to gambling that never get talked about. In fact, most of the gambling laws are decided at the state level. While laws like the UIGEA and the Wire Act get a lot of attention because they are federal, state laws regarding online poker and online gambling are just as important. If you have questions about the online poker laws in your state, it is important to consult your local government, whether by phone or their website. They should have information such as gambling ages, and other laws that may pertain to online poker.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players