Is It Safe To Play Online Poker? Will I Get Into Trouble? Is It Fair?

Chances are that you've asked those questions before as a primary concern of a prospective online poker player is the safety and security of online poker sites. But it's not because that these sites are unsafe, it's because the general notion is that online gambling can be unsafe. And while no system is perfect, that bulk of that notion is very untrue. In fact, online poker is very secure, and these poker sites go to extreme lengths to protect their players and the sensitive information that can go back and forth between them and their account.

Furthermore, you need to know that you are playing at a site that is fair. You don't want to get cheated and using the sites we list on will help ensure you do not run into that. Beyond that though, there are several things to consider before deeming a site completely "safe" for players to use. Check out some of the things that must be taken into account plus the more you know, the better you can protect yourself.

One area to be careful with is when making a deposit into an account as it will often times require the transmission of bank account or credit card information. And even before that whole process, a player's name, email, physical address, phone number and age verification takes place which could also compromise your indentity but you should never need to provide a social security number.

So, you can see why there is some hesitation when potential players are kicking around the idea.

But the fact of the matter is that online poker sites that we play at and consequently take the time to fully review, have the highest quality of service and are regarded as some of the safest and most trusted portals that the industry has to offer.

What can guarantee that you will be safe and that you are using a fair gaming site?

Well, these online poker sites implore security measures and fair gaming practices that ensure this is the case. Under the terms of service and fair gaming, you will be able to find all of the information you seek about the safety of the site. And if you have even more questions, customer service is always there to help. Do know that most sites submit to third party testing to ensure their randomness. If a site doesn't offer this, the chances are you might want to avoid it.

Fortunately for you, we have done a lot of the work for you already. Like we've mentioned, we play at these sites too and know what to look for. Furthermore, an online poker site with a bad reputation or a historically poor record on safety wouldn't last long and news would spread very quickly... we'd be some of the first to know. After all, players are the lifeblood of the online poker industry and any site deemed untrustworthy simply wouldn't survive.

Ok, the site is safe to play at, but will I get into trouble for using it?

That is a great question and one that must be addressed when talking about these sites. As most know, it is legal to run an online gambling site in the United States and not play at one, especially a site specializing in online poker. Players can sign up at online poker sites accepting USA players which operate outside the U.S. as long as that site is willing to accept them. We try to only include USA legal sites however some sites that exclude them can not be ignored, such as Bet365.

What you should take away from this is that online poker sites are very safe and secure, and continually try to improve with the latest technology for online gaming. Below are Internet poker rooms you can trust for a fair gaming experience, that won't sell your information, and use the latest security measures to ensure the integrity of your personal details.

Online Poker Sites That Are Safe To Use

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YES BetOnline Poker - Play Now 25% / $900 CC - American Express BetOnline Poker Review
YES 5Dimes Poker - Play Now 50% / $200 Credit Cards - VISA 5Dimes Poker Review
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