Best Places To Play Poker Online

There are many online poker sites out there in the world of the Internet. But when it comes to a quality online poker site, there are definitely things to look for that separate the top-rated ones from the rest of the pack. The best legal online poker sites can be found all on this page, with reviews and breakdowns of some of the very best poker sites that are legal. Keep reading on and you will come across some of the things that we feel should be applied when your check out the different online poker sites that you visit. Our goal is to have you prepared so you know what to expect for when you join a site. We want to avoid and unpleasant, unwelcome surprises you could encounter just through proper information. Use it!

Best Online Poker Site That Is Legal For USA Players: Bovada Poker

Bovada's online poker room is our top-rated site for players in the U.S. that want to play or practice online. Unforunately, Bovada does not accept players from every state as Maryland, New York, and Washington State are excluded. While this is bad news for those states, the rest of you are in for quite a treat as Bovada offers numerous ways to play all your favorite poker games including Hold Em and Omaha. This site has one of the biggest player bases and runs some of the largest guaranteed tournaments that players in the U.S. can play in. If you are ready to play, sign up at Bovada today and receive a 100% match bonus that can be worth as much as $1,000 in cash. It is initially rewarded as rewards points which can then turn into usable currency as you play. It won't take long to make that money yours as you play more and for higher stakes.

Bovada wants to help anybody that wants to improve their game which is why they offer a free poker tutorial for all types of games. So, if you're just looking to get started playing online, Bovada would be one of the best places for a player to start.

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How Do I Know Which Poker Site Is Best For Me?

Since U.S. Government does not outlaw online poker, players do have some flexibility in the poker rooms they can opt to use but how will they know which one is best? There are several aspects to consider before choosing a poker room for which we've outlined below. The three most important things have been explained directly below this text. Before join any site that specializes in online poker, take a minute and review these things. In doing so, you will already be ahead of the game which will hopefully lead you to a legal poker room that isn't a pain in the butt to use.

  • Does The Poker Room Have The Particular Games You Want To Play?

While most players prefer the game, Texas Hold Em isn't the only game that can be found at these poker rooms. Games like Omaha, variations of Stud, Razz, H.O.R.S.E., and others should be able to be found at whatever site you choose. While you may like playing Hold Em right now, you make want to expand your skills into other areas which pay money all the same.

Additionally, don't overlook the formats for playing these games. For instance, you should make sure whatever site you choose has plenty of ring games in all varieties of games plus sit and go tournaments. Most poker sites do not feature large multi-table tournaments outside of Hold Em however a few do have them. It'd be best to stick with the sites listed at the bottom of this page if you want those tourneys.

  • Are You Going To Be Able To Get Money Into Your Account Easily?

Players looking to sign up at an online poker site should be presented with several ways to make a deposit. However, if you live in the U.S., it is important to understand that not all of the deposit methods listed at an online poker site will be available for you to use. It's complicated but the UIGEA inhibits the number of ways that players from the U.S. can make gambling transactions.

Commonly, players want to use the option of credit cards which sometimes does work for U.S. residents. It is hit and miss, plus you can only find out by trial and error. If you can not deposit using a credit card, make sure that site has other means to deposit. Not being able to use a credit card shouldn't be the end of your experience. Going with prepaid methods, wire methods (which can send cash), as well as ewallets (similar to sites like PayPal) are other methods which work just as well as using plastic. While not quite as convenient, these methods are a way to circumvent the UIGEA and play poker for real money online.

  • How Will You Get Paid When You Win?

Just like they should have numerous deposit methods, they should also have plenty of payout methods available to players. Also, just like with deposits, U.S. players are limited here too but the cashier should do a good job of breaking down what payout methods they currently use at the time.

We mentioned E-Wallets and wire transfers are options for making deposits, but those methods can also be used to receive a payout. But, what you will likely see across all legal online poker sites is the option to withdrawal your money through receiving a check in the mail or by a courier service. Know that payout options for players in the U.S. will not work as fast as those for players in other countries however all are reliable even though a delay is to be expected.

  • How Long Will It Take To Get Paid?

The amount of time that it takes a poker site to pay players out will be contingent on how that user selects the withdrawal. This is done according to the various choices laid out for the account holder. Not all poker websites will host the same payout methods, so first and foremost you will want to research and make sure the right one is there for you. In terms of speed, American poker players will want to go with a wire transfer using Western Union or a MoneyGram to get their winning the fastest. These take approximately 12-36 hours to be received. But at the same time, most payouts will be received within a couple of weeks.

  • How Big Of A Deposit Bonus Is Offered To New Players?

Every online poker site you visit will have different bonuses. Some will give you the option of a bonus for just signing up, others will wait for you to make a deposit. Deposit bonuses are seen quite often, typically matching a percentage of your deposit with a maximum amount predetermined. For example, a 50 percent deposit bonus match up to $500. That means, a $1,000 deposit would receive the maximum bonus of $500 for the 50 percent match.

Outside of these deposit bonuses, there can also be daily and weekly bonuses varying on the poker room. Reload bonuses can also be seen, which is a bonus on a second or third bonus down the line to 'reload' your account.

Best Legal Poker Rooms List

USA? Poker Room / Play Now Deposit Bonus Full Site Reviews
YES Bovada Poker - Play Now 100% / $1,000 Bovada Poker Review
YES BetOnline Poker - Play Now 25% / $900 BetOnline Poker Review
YES 5Dimes Poker - Play Now 50% / $200 5Dimes Poker Review
YES - Play Now 25% / $900 Sportsbetting Poker Review
NO Bet365 Poker - Play Now 200% / $1,000 Bet365 Poker Review

BetOnline Is Legal For All U.S. Players